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Blogger meta tag generator

Meta Tag is a very important part of SEO your blog site. If you want your site to be search engine friendly then you must use Meta Tag in the blog. Meta tags and meta descriptions are the most popular HTML tags that describe the content of your blog to search engines. This helps search engines crawl your blog site and index it correctly.

Meta Description: Meta description is clearly written about the contents of your site. This tool allows you to create meta tags perfectly for Blogger sites.

Meta Keywords: Meta keywords are a very important STML tag for your blog site. Meta Keyword helps visitors to your blog from search engines. It is very important to use Meta Description and Meta Keyword for your site on-page SEO or off-page SEO

Meta Author: Meta Author is not very important in search engine optimization. However, those who want to use the owner's name on their blog can use it.

Meta Robot: Using this tag, the search engine is told which part of your post will be indexed and which will not. Usually the level, the categories are not given to the search engine index. ALL is selected in the default blog. Everything has to be optimized here. So if you do not understand this option well, you can leave it blank.